Oops it's like halfway through the month
Contains money stuff, if you're into/opposed to seeing that. It's at the bottom and highlighted, you can ignore it if you want.
Hi there! I’ll give a quick rundown of my (too many) projects in progress as usual, then I’ll get into the year in review. APOCALYPSE FRAME APOCALYPSE…
APOCALYPSE FRAME is nearly out of editing! Total//Effect SRD is out! Liminal Void!
Maybe this one will actually be sent to subscribers? Thanks, Substack. Thubstack.
Hi there! I forgot to make a newsletter, then I postponed it long enough that I figured I'd make two at once. Oops.
I forgot to mention this in my last issue but I have a discord now at https://discord.gg/vF3z2r3n29 . Hope to see you there!
Hi there! Let's talk about what's been going on in the last month or so.
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